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Why Sponsor

We believe that community outreach is key to changing debilitating perceptions of cannabis and ultimately necessary to strengthen the voice that will correct our state and federal policies. As a company aligned with our mission, you have the opportunity to pioneer the accessibility of comprehensive education that will inspire novice consumers to rethink what cannabis means; all the while supporting businesses with organic growth by fostering their relationship to the B2C market. 


Sensory Educator

The "Marketplace" is a lush market of educators introducing their brands through sensory driven micro-experiences. As an educator, you are the storyteller behind the experience. Sensory stations offer guests interactive opportunities to engage with your product while  stimulating their retention of  the history, science, and benefits of the plant.  


Opportunities filled

The exploration of taste and terpenes. 

  • Tinctures

  • Edibles


1 more opportunity available

Observing tactile sensations through cause and affect.

  • Topical

  • Massage

  • Acupuncture

  • Skin care

  • Health & Beauty


1 more opportunity available

Olfactory exercises around the different aromatic terpenes of cannabis.

  • Oils

  • Flowers 

  • Scent stimulated services and products

Wellness Bags

These bags are an opportunity for guests to personalize their intimacy with wellness brands after the event.  Companies looking to offer samples of their wellness products are welcome to place them in the event bags.

Host Sponsorship

Event Sponsor


Gift Bag Sponsor


Dinner Sponsor


As a host sponsor, your support helps facilitate the overall production of the event, fostering opportunities for cannabis companies looking to grow and expand the discoverability of their brand in the B2C market.

Learn more about what our sponsorships have to offer.

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